About DECA


What is DECA?

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools, colleges, around the globe.  (Deca.org)

DECA is a national organization for all high school students enrolled in a marketing program. The group is the only student organization, which prepares its members to be America’s future leaders in the fields of marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

DECA operates through local marketing education programs and gives students the opportunity to compete with other DECA members from across the country in categories such as advertising, marketing, retail merchandising, food marketing, restaurant management, entrepreneurship, and finance and credit. These competitions take place at district, state, and national conferences during the course of the school year.

There are four main points, represented by the DECA diamond, which are emphasized in DECA. They include leadership development, civic consciousness, social intelligence, and vocational understanding.

In looking at these objectives, one might think that DECA is all work and no play. This is definitely not true! Local DECA chapters host many social gatherings for members during the course of the year in which new friendships are formed, social skills are developed, and lasting memories are made.

Another advantage for DECA members is the marketing background they develop, both in the classroom and in DECA. This background greatly enhances their career opportunities for the future.

DECA and Marketing Students….A Winning Combination.